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Things to Witness During A Combined Machu Picchu Amazon trip
Published by: Mlchael Aldana (16) on Tue, Nov 17, 2015  |  Word Count: 458  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Are you thinking regarding taking a trip to Peru? If yes, then you must strictly consider an Amazon & Machu Picchu trip, because this travel combination permits you to explore 2 uniquely diverse provinces of Peru. Here in this article we will talk about some of the things that you will experience if you make a decision to visit both the Amazon Rainforest and the popular site of Machu Picchu throughout your next South America trip.


Peru is packed with history, but its most popular and visited destination is Machu Picchu. Though the Incan territory built several cities & constructions, a lot of were demolished by the invading Spaniards. Machu Picchu is matchless because its mountaintop kept it secure from devastation since the Spaniards never have had any idea it was there. A well organized Machu Picchu vacation package offers you an enlightening glance into the history of Peru.


If you move towards the Amazon, you are bound to witness some exceptional wildlife. Besides the llamas you are likely to witness at Machu Picchu, the Amazon’s diverse & colorful varieties of animals, ranging from caiman to macaws. The best time to witness the creatures is early in the morning; this is possibly the reason why a lot of Amazon excursions begin at the crack of sunrise. Generally via motorized canoe, you will crawl down the river with a tour guide and large spotlight. The creatures are found by the reflection of the spotlight in their eyes.


No doubt, Peru is a nation of geographic diversity, and exploring both the highlands as well as the Amazon jungle is an excellent means to experience this directly. From the hills of the Andes to the profound Amazon rivers, a combined Machu Picchu and Amazon trip take you to 2 very different surroundings where you will experience significant changes in cultures, weather and even kinds of food.


One premier reason witnessing both the Amazon Rainforest and the Inca ruins in one trip makes for such a wonderful vacation is that from Cusco the Amazon city of Puerto Maldonado is just a forty-five minute flight away. This small transfer duration makes the trip combination very efficient, enabling you experience both destinations even you don’t have sufficient time.

However, to make your trip to Peru well organized and convenient you must choose a reliable tour operators. When you are in time constraint it is best to look for the helping hand of a professional tour agency rather than arranging the tour yourself.

About Author:
Mlchael Aldana is an author who writes informative articles related to Machu Picchu vacation package. For more information on cusco tour companies you can also visit

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