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Tourism With A Value
Published by: A Broader View Volunteers (16) on Wed, Feb 21, 2018  |  Word Count: 496  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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When we think of vacations, the first few things that cross our mind will be that of sightseeing the various places of local interest, tasting the cuisine of the land and getting an up close and personal experience of the culture of the place. All this is regular stuff. However how many time have were really thought of visiting a place and blend tourism with little philanthropy.

The concept happens to be a new one. However these days various new global volunteer organizations have developed who happens to amalgamate both these aspects in a very uncanny manner. These organizations bringvolunteer opportunities for kids and elders through which they will not just visit a new place but again at the same time they can make a difference for the communities living out there. This extra service for the native people of the foreign place can give the tourists a better insight into the culture and the lives of the people of the place. It often turns out to be an experience that changes the view of the foreign volunteers.

Kinds of Services Done

These teenage volunteer opportunities abroad can be of various types. They can include diverse activities such as:

•Orphanage and child care work
•Animal Rescue plans
•Spreading Knowledge about HIV/AIDS
•Care for the Street youth
•Social Welfare
•Midwifery programs
•Special Needs of Children
•Paramedical Services
•Support the Women
•Volunteering in Africa with Animals or preservation of the wild in any other nation.
•Community development programs

The above mentioned programs are just a few examples of the kind of agendas that are handled by these organizations. There are several other types of programs that can be undertaken by these associations. The main aim is to blend vacation with value. This is a new trend that has been taken up by a large number of organizations across the world.


The benefits of such associations and organizations and their programs are numerous, such as:

•These programs help to foster friendship between different communities of the world. These programs encourage people of one nationality and culture to come and work in other cultures. This can create an environment of global friendship and brotherhood across the world. This can also foster friendship between different nations of the world.

•Such programs can help people to get a better view of the culture of a foreign land and experience the culture of the said part of the world.

There are other benefits as well, as language learning gets a huge boost. Such experiences often change the lives of the volunteers as they get a completely different orientation and purpose for living.

About A Broader View Volunteers:

A Broader View Volunteers is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit charity located in the USA. Our projects are arranged for volunteers to live with, and work side by side local people in a range of fields. Visit us at
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